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what is Picturepedia ?
Actually now rather more of what I had planned it to be but as there was no interest shown I have put it on the back burner for now.
But if you have a spare moment then please read this.
We have a special son called Cai who has CHARGE Syndrome and we believe that for Cai to have the same chance as the rest of us to have a happy life he should be treated by the rest of society as normally as possible, to make this happen people must know what is different about Cai and other people like him.

We also want doctors and health care workers to be aware what is required and involved in helping Charge affected people to have a fair chance.

It is also important that they realise "chargers are NOT mentally retarded, in fact they are minor miracles. How they overcome the obstacles put in their way requires grit and determination - I take my hat off to all "chargers" and what they achieve!

I don´t know why some people are born disadvantaged, I just know they have an important role to play for the rest of us.

Picturepedia is or rather will be an encyclopedia of pictures. As an enthusiastic photographer I would love to find pictures of how the place I live now looked like in the past and also how the Cites, town and villages I used to live in look now.
The idea I have is an online encyclopedia site where the information is a collection of searchable images, paintings, photos, sketches etc.. of places where people live and have lived.
Each image must have the location and date attached and maybe some comment or narrative.
I know for example that my family have some very old street pictures of welshpool, wales, UK and it would be a shame for them to be put in a drawer and lost, lets dust them off and bring them back to life and share them with others.
I spent some time searching the internet and found no site giving this service.
When I mentioned this idea to friends and family they responded "but how are you going to make money from it" my reply was that that is not the aim, my goal is for it to be recognised with me as the founder in the hope that I can enlighten people about charge syndrome. If however I can make a living from it I won't mind.
If you wish to help in any way - even if just to say its a good idea send me an email
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Please Contact Me if you are interested in this project